All of our programming is developed in close collaboration with First Ladies. Based on their feedback, GFLA holds annual summits, and runs an on-going fellowship program for First Ladies’ senior staff. We also assist First Ladies as they seek partnerships and mobilize resources towards shared development goals.

“As First Ladies, we are in a unique position to improve the lives of women and girls in our countries… Together, I know we can overcome the obstacles still before us, and ensure our daughters and granddaughters, and our sons and grandsons have the opportunities they deserve.”

Michelle Obama, former First Lady of the United States

01 GFLA Summit

Every year, the Global First Ladies Alliance convenes First Ladies, their staff and expert advisors alongside the UN General Assembly in New York, as well as bi-annually in Addis Ababa, to strengthen relationships, enable coalitions, share best practices, and build the capacity of the Office of the First Lady.

The program includes facilitated, off-the-record roundtables for First Ladies to share successes, challenges, personal experiences and best practices.

02 GFLA Fellowship Program

GFLA’s Fellowship program is a multi-year mentored program designed to strengthen the capacity of First Ladies’ Senior Staff to run effective offices. The program takes place in conjunction with the annual U.N. General Assembly Week in New York with follow-up in-country and online meetings throughout the year. The program is designed in partnership with First Ladies and delivered with leading experts from academia, government, the private and nonprofit sector, international and regional agencies.

03 Services to
First Ladies' Offices

Since 2008, the Global First Ladies Alliance has helped over 45 First Ladies set priorities, establish strategic partnerships, and develop strategies to generate positive impact. GFLA’s programs and services are built on the premise that positive change requires a clear vision, ownership, and active support from all actors involved.

Issue areas covered throughout
GFLA’s programming:

  • Girls Education & Child Marriage
  • Maternal & Child Health
  • Women’s Economic Empowerment
  • Gender Mainstreaming
  • Climate & Agriculture
  • Support to Vulnerable Populations

GFLA’s services focus on:

  • Strategic Planning & Agenda Setting
  • Establishing & Running an Effective First Lady’s Office
  • Negotiation & Multi-Sector Consensus Building
  • Fundraising & Partnerships
  • Project Management, Monitoring, Evaluation & Reporting
  • Communications, Outreach & Changing Social Norms
  • Transitioning into Office & Legacy Planning
  • Specific Issue Areas as requested by First Ladies