Empowering First Ladies

The position of First Lady and First Partner is one of the most influential and visible roles on the national and world stage. Yet, it comes without a job description or with any resources. We are their support.

The Global First Ladies Alliance draws upon fourteen years of experience working with First Ladies and their Offices to set and implement priorities, establish strategic partnerships, and develop strategies to generate positive impact.

“First Ladies have untapped potential. Their influence tends to unfold behind the scenes, but their power is real.”

Cora Neumann, Founder GFLA


To support First Ladies and First Partners, individually and collectively, in their efforts to advance positive change in their communities and around the world.

First Ladies and First Partners occupy a unique position at the pinnacle of society. Their status and prestige, their role as private counsel to the President, Prime Minister, Governor, and Mayor, and their access to key policymakers and development partners make them one of their country’s most influential figures. The Global First Ladies Alliance helps First Ladies and First Partners leverage their position to champion positive change by strengthening their offices and programs.

Since 2008, GFLA has advised 45 First Ladies and their Offices on programmatic and policy initiatives.

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