Through our work, GFLA has helped raise the visibility and credibility of some of the world’s most committed First Ladies, trained the next generation of policy leaders, and developed best practices and standards for current and future First Ladies. Additionally, GFLA has improved in-country policy and programming by strengthening First Ladies as partners in addressing national and global challenges, and increased focus on gender equality.

Elevating the Status & Influence
of First Ladies Globally

Over the past ten years, GFLA has worked with over 45 First Ladies and 150 of their senior staff in New York, Addis Ababa, and in their home countries. Through this work, GFLA has helped foster stronger relationships between the First Ladies and enabled multi-sector partnerships. GFLA’s annual summits have also enabled First Ladies to develop and implement focused agendas in collaboration with the President’s Office, national ministries, and other international and local agencies.

GFLA Summit Highlights

Every year, GFLA convenes First Ladies, their staff and expert advisors alongside the UN General Assembly in New York, as well as bi-annually in Addis Ababa.

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Building a Pipeline of Future Leaders

In 2010, GFLA launched a multi-year mentored Fellowship Program, a program designed to strengthen the capacity of First Ladies’ staff to run effective offices and address national health and education challenges. To date, GFLA has trained over 150 fellows, including Chiefs of Staff and Technical Advisors and delivered 100+ workshops with leading experts at RAND, Credit Suisse, the World Bank, and other organizations. GFLA monitors fellows’ progress both through in-country meetings and one-on-one consultations.

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Setting Standards for the Office
of First Lady

The lessons learned and best practices shared are captured in the GFLA Handbook, a strategic document with guidelines for how to run an effective office and leverage the position of First Lady to create positive impact. The Handbook is available to First Ladies’ Offices around the world.

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In-Country Impact

GFLA has provided in-depth 1:1 consulting to 20 First Ladies, facilitated collaborations between First Ladies and over 30 global institutions, and liaised with Presidents’ Offices and other Ministries to align agendas and generate impact. These services have included in-country site visits to Namibia, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and Ethiopia.